Fotoromanzo Italiano

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Fotoromanzo Italiano is made up of three Italian artists based in Milan. Adding a contemporary touch to anecdotes
and photographic techniques, they aim to reinvent photo-novel practices by exploring the combination of text and image, distorting our understanding of reality and fiction in the process.

Podbielski Contemporary

Originally founded in Berlin by Pierre André Podbielski, Podbielski Contemporary recently located to Milan in March 2018. The gallery strives to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas about art and culture, in addition to representing artists and promoting their works.


mc2gallery is located in a former leather factory in Milan. The gallery curates exhibitions and organises many events such as cultural debates in collaboration with the University of Milan. The gallery represents young Italian and international photographers. 

ARTISTS 2018: Jonny Briggs, Patricio Reig, Vittoria Gerardi

ARTISTS 2017: Lamberto Teotino

ARTISTS 2016: Jonny Briggs, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Simon Roberts

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